Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fire vs. Air

Three days after the first Kindle Fire was released I received mine.  That was nearly two years ago and I’m still satisfied with the Kindle.

Yesterday I went out and got an iPad Air – it’s the first Apple product that I have owned in over 10 years.  The last were a MacBook and a Mac II (I think it was a 150 and a c – but that’s not really relevant at the moment).

After one day I’m happy with the larger screen of the Air and I’m happy with the greater choice of apps in the app store on the Air.  But that’s about it – screen size and app selection are the only things so far that are impressing me on a device that is two years newer (and cost more than twice what the Fire cost two tears ago).  Not cool Apple.

Both the Fire and the Air are in locked ecosystems, which really isn’t preferable.  Maybe Samsung really is moving into the lead as has been recently reported?

I also find it interesting that Apple named this version the Air – Amazon has the Fire – I wonder who’s going to release a water and an earth?

Given some more time with the Air I might start liking it better – but IMHO I’d say if you are an Android Tablet user I wouldn’t pick this time to switch to Apple unless you have a compelling reason other than the “coolness factor”.