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Political Life

Okay, I admit it I have grown tired just sitting there and letting everyone else decide what goes on.  I have finally returned to an active (ish) political life.  In the 1990’s I stood as a candidate for the last appointed school board position in Arlington, VA but was not successful.  The following election cycle I was going to run for the County Board of Arlington, VA but got started too late to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot, so instead I got a few people to write my name in on the ballot.

Fast-forward twenty or so years.

Last spring I became active in the Democratic Party of Dona Ana County, New Mexico.  I filled the vacant spot of a Precinct Chair (100% of the winning candidates in my precinct totals were blue on election night) and I ran as a delegate for Hillary Clinton to the DNC.  I also did some volunteer social media work and app testing for the HRC campaign.  As well I helped out two state-wide candidates as the Dona Ana County Captain for their campaigns – one was successful, Julie Vargas, and unfortunately the other, Michael Vigil was not.

In December, I decided it was time to throw my hat back in the ring and I returned to my roots and filed as a candidate for the Las Cruces School Board from district 2.  Unfortunately I was not successful on election night in February, but now I was hooked.  In March I filed the paperwork with the FEC to form a committee to explore running for the US House seat from the 2nd District in New Mexico.  Exploring was fine for a week or two, but I think I wanted to run in any case, so on April 1st I filed the paperwork to officially declare as a democratic candidate in the 2018 election cycle.  I threw together a quickie website ( and am currently trying to decide how best to proceed from here.

Locally I am still involved with the local democratic party as a member of the County Central Committee and I did make a play for the SCC, but missed by a few votes.

In solidarity,