Monthly Archives: October 2018


And no I don’t mean that thing which one should always do to a skunk before inviting it into ones home. Today I’m more concerned with that journey into madness that you never realize you are taking until it is too late.

You know, that one day when you wake up and realize that the world no longer makes sense — almost as if the person writing the script forgot what genre they were supposed to be working in.  Well, we are now well past that day here in the United States of America (ha! that’s a laugh, UNITED, we’re about as UNITED as oil and water!).

I do really think that I may have passed away in my sleep one night in November 2016 and when I THOUGHT I awoke the next morning I was actually dead and had been relegated to spend eternity in hell (or at least four years, which, believe me is really seeming like an eternity!).

I really can only think of one reason why we have sunk to such a low point as a society… media, no, not television or the Internet, but, MEDIA in general.  The mass consumption of someone else’s truth (not necessarily lies) is what has ruined our society and our country.  Every man, woman and child has drunk the kool-aid (and how I bet Kraft Foods is totally conflicted about people using that phrase) and tends to believe what they see/hear/read in the mass media (and by mass media I mean anything other than ones personal diary).

Until people take back their thoughts and ideas and once again have the ability to think for themselves we as not only a society or country, but an entire race are screwed.  Truths are NOT self-evident, if they were we wouldn’t have ad agencies and hucksters trying to tell us what is truth.

But I digress and this was supposed to be about descent, so before I actually reach the bottom of where I am going I think I will sign-off again, maybe for a year, maybe two, or maybe only a few hours.  Until next time I will quote a very wise man that I once heard on the mass media.. “stay safe out there”.